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I have been trying a few new things with my mane lately.  I have tried new products, twist outs, buntu knots,  braids and tucking it under protective styles. One style I wanted to talk about was the crochet wig. 

I recently made a crochet wig using the Sensationnel Jamaican Locks.  

So what can I say about these extensions?

Firstly is it 44 inches and Sensationnel give you a lot of hair in the packs, giving you a lot of hair to work.  The fibres are 100% Kanekalon + Toyokalon and heat resistant meaning you can blow dry and hot water set the hair.    The install process, was tangle free and easy to separate.  The hair was easy to brush out and very soft.   

Sensationnel say this line is inspired by african styles. The African influences is clearly visible by the soft afro kinky curls and the full body of hair which is amazingly light.  

I used 3 packs of their African collection in a colour 1B.  The number of packs you use depends on the what style you aim to achieve, the thickness you desire and the length you want.   It took approximately 2 hours to instal and cut; and was easy to use.  

What is my opinion? These extensions are soft and very light.  It really didn’t feel like I had 3 packs on my head.

Would I recommend these?  I will definitely use these again and if you are looking for something easy and stress free to use, then try the Sensationnel Jamaican Locks African Collection.  

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