I love denim on pearls. The pearls seem to lift up the denim and make it look really pretty and give it an edge.  I got this shirt from Zara and I paired it with the skinny black jeans also from Zara.  I thought the two went well with each other with the contrast of the black and denim working together.

As summer is drawing to an end, I’m looking forward to autumn with its brown leaves on the floor and the temperature cooling down.  It just makes you aware of the fact that you’re going into a new season with new things to look forward to.  Sometimes, the new thing you’re going into may not be what you expected, but you have to get to a place where you embrace change and make the most of any situation you find yourself in.  You need to look for the good and what you can make work, but sometimes, you also need to look at what’s not so good and see what goodness you can inject into it.  Embrace change and inject your unique style into it.

Hope you liked the pictures.

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